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With the IP address lookup tool, any IP address including your own can be identified. It shows details like city, state, postal code, country, ISP, and time zone of the user visiting the website. Geo-IP location data is used by many organisations and individuals to find out who owns an IPv4 or IPv6 address. The IP address lookup tool is the simplest way to find a particular IP address of a device.

An IP Address Lookup

However, note that the results may not always be correct. Different databases provide different information, and therefore, the location information differ. Therefore there is a possibility that the IP address that is shown is not the real location.

An IP Address Location Accuracy

What needs to be understood is that no tool that is used for performing IP lookups will have a 100 percent accuracy rate. IP lookup results obtained from diverse databases of distinct IP location sources are provided, and each database shows the results differently.

For instance let assume that you are using a connection in the United States and the IP address controller is based in Canada, looking at the two fields of lookup data the data might suggest that the IP address is in the country of Canada. Thus, if you are used to looking for an IP address within the Northern part of the United States, it is possible to come across with a Canadian IP address.

An IP Address Results

The majority of customers have a misconception that the IP address lookup tool will provide an exact location. This is incorrect. There is no database dedicated to offering you an IP location of a specific address as accurate as the one we just described. The most you receive is the actual place where the IP user lives at the time of purchasing the product from which the IP address has been assigned.

The three optimization techniques all require accessing the Web content at a specific URL, and only the ISPs can provide a correct IP address. ISPs usually maintain a record of the IPs that are allocated to the subscribers at some point in time. These log files are often small and an ISP may be allowed to store the logs for a certain period of time only. However, the ISP may not be able to share information with the public without a police order or any legal documents.

If you receive an abusive or fraudulent email, your ISP will not give you their physical address. But instead of that, the message should be reported to the authorities so they can carry out their task diligently.