Proxy Check

Proxy Checker Tool

The proxy check tool verifies connections to our servers in order to find out if there is a connection through proxy. If we can find it, you will be able to see more specifics of the proxy. If no proxy has been found, then the notification is “No Proxy Detected.”

It is important to keep in mind that not all such proxy services produce signals that are immediately identifiable. These sites are extremely skilled in protecting this information. It does not even worry if it displays “No Proxy Found” It does not take into consideration anything else which is aimed for identifying the proxy.

If you want to use proxy services and we are able to recognise it then probably it will not be a major issue for you. Although proxy servers are less costly than VPNs, they are not meant for personal use and may leak your personal information to the third party you use them from. I have produced this post with an intention to examine the aforementioned question and feasible situation when one does not comprehend that he or she is engaging in proxy services. This is not something horrible and does not happen very often. This is the most widely used technique by your ISP to keep an eye on network traffic.